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Koshihikari Rice

California Premium Short Grain

Koshihikari rice comes from the Koshi region of Japan. “Koshikihari” literally means “Light of Koshi.” It is named such because of its smoothness and translucence.
Koshihikari rice is widely considered to be the crown jewel of Japanese rice for its superiority in appearance, consistency, aroma and taste.
As the finest representative of Japanese rice, Koshihikari has been grown successfully in the heart of the Sacramento Valley, California. This luxurious rice is used exclusively by Kagayaki.

Imitating the Traditional Way of Farming

Hand-transplanting is the traditional Japanese method of farming Koshihikari. Kagayaki is produced by mimicking this planting method by drill-seeding the koshi seed into a well tilled seedbed.
Seeds are injected to the seedbed at an exact depth and planted with GPS technology. Drill-seeding allows for better growth in a more sustainable manner.

Consistent High Quality

When rice crop has cured in the field, it is harvested at the ideal moisture. This ensures quality and prevents cracking or stain. The harvest techniques are consistent throughout the entire harvest of Kagayaki. Then, harvested rice is brought to to Premium Rice Group (PRG) for post-harvest handling. PRG specializes in the drying and storage of koshihikari rice.


Extra Shine From the Kapika Process

The innovative Kapika rice milling process is also adopted in the production of Kagayaki. It allows rice grains to polish each other without the use of water or brushes as in traditionally milled rice. In comparison with other rice sold on the market, Kapika-processed rice is more polished and better in taste and texture. As a result, Kagayaki only needs light rinsing before cooking.

3 Kinds of Kagayaki


 Kagayaki is currently packaged under the following labels:

  • Kagayaki Select
  •  Kagayaki Brown Rice
  •  Kagayaki Haiga Brown Rice
  •  Kagayaki Organic

Kagayaki not only stands out because of its delicious flavor, but also because of how it is grown: efficiently, sustainably, and with great integrity.